Rut Wiull Dip. PT

Manual Physical Therapist |
Rut graduated from Oslo Orthopedic Institute, Norway with a diploma in Physical Therapy. Her career has included work in acute hospitals, 11 years at the Glenrose Hospital and over 30 years in private practice. Rut was a clinic owner for 14 years. She has taken many courses over the years, primarily in manual therapy taught in Norway, U.S.A and Canada.

Rut has special interest in treatment of the spine (back, neck), pelvis, and TMJ dysfunctions. She has been a member of the Review Funding Committee for AHS for 16 years.

Rut is an avid sports fan and has competed in track and field, speed skating, and cross country skiing in her younger years. Her love for sports led her to a position as a physical therapist at the 2001 World Track and Field Championship.

She speaks fluent Norwegian and can converse in Danish and Swedish.

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