Kelsea Mabuchi MScPT, BSc, Dry Needling

Manual Physical Therapist |
Kelsea graduated from the University of Alberta with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior to completing her Physical Therapy degree, she acquired a Bachelor of Science degree with Biological Sciences (Major) and Nutrition (Minor) from the University of Alberta.

Kelsea has continued her education and advanced her manual therapy skills through post-graduate courses. She has completed the Orthopaedic Division of Canada Level I Manual Therapy and Jim Meadows Spinal Manipulation courses. Kelsea is also currently pursuing her acupuncture certification through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Kelsea has also recently completed a Certificate in Biomedical Dry Needling as an adjunct to her manual therapy and exercise approach.

Kelsea has a special interest in the treatment of spinal (neck and back) injuries, headaches and various neurological disorders. With a background playing various sports and half marathon training, she enjoys treating both athletic and running injuries. She incorporates various treatment techniques such as manual therapy, postural correction, strengthening, and functional exercises to help her patients return to work, sport/running or simply their everyday activities.

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