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Sports injuries can be painful, but your recovery doesn't have to.

I love getting my athletes back in their game. Whether it's my weekend warriors or competitive athletes, I work to get them back to where they need to be.
– Darren Frohlich, Physiotherapist

Athletes choose Innovation Physical Therapy to play and perform better.

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...there is no better physical therapy clinic for athletes in Edmonton than Innovation.

As a previously competitive hockey player, I've had my fair share of injuries and have been a patient at Innovation for a number of years. From minor treatment of aches and pains to long-term rehabilitation, there is no better physical therapy clinic for athletes in Edmonton than Innovation Physical Therapy.
– Jordan Tyler

Whether you play team or individual sports, your body needs to move well to stay injury free.

We ask a lot from our bodies when we play sports. Whether it's the same repeated movement in cycling, or the bone-jarring hits in hockey, our bodies often take a beating and keep on ticking.

Staying injury free means identifying our weaknesses and ensuring a healthy balance throughout the body. Our bodies will give us warning signals and we're here to help you uncover what that check engine light is telling you.

As physiotherapists, we're trained to assess and treat movement problems and keep you doing the sports and activities you love to do. Whether it's an annoying ache after a game to muscle tear that takes you out of the game, we're here to guide you back to full health.

Our Physiotherapists Love Sports (& Are Pretty Good Too!)

All of our physiotherapists are trained kinesiologists and many are active athletes themselves.
  • Darren Frohlich, Manual Physical Therapist

    Darren has competed in volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee at the provincial and national levels. He also loves a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, kiteboarding and water-skiing.

  • Kristin Milligan, Manual Physical Therapist

    For 20 years Kristin studied the dance disciplines of jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical and hip hop. She's competed and performed in North America and Europe and has instructed and choreographed dance for 8 years. She loves helping dancers, gymnasts, and figure skaters get back to performing at their best, injury free.

  • Brian Coughlan, Manual Physical Therapist, Men's Health Therapist

    He's worked as an on ice trainer for the PAC Saints and St. Albert Raiders Hockey clubs, and enjoys playing/coaching  volleyball, basketball, hockey and golf. He has competed nationally and internationally in team handball.

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Do you have any questions ? We've got answers!

  • Do your physical therapists treat athletic injuries?
    Yes. Innovation Physical Therapy’s Physical Therapists have been trained in numerous orthopaedic dysfunctions, including athletic injuries. We are proud to have Physical Therapists who are affiliated with, and treat, various professional and elite level athletic organizations. For more information about how we treat sports injuries please visit our sports injury page here.
  • What are ways I can prevent a sports injury?
    Staying injury free means identifying weakness and ensuring a healthy balance throughout the body. Physiotherapists are trained to assess and identify muscle imbalances that could impact mobility, strength and agility. We work with you to develop a prevention program that will keep you in the game.
  • Should I continue to run if I have knee pain?
    If you commonly experience knee pain while running, it would be worthwhile to schedule an assessment with your physiotherapist. It's recommended that you discontinue running until that time. Often there is some imbalance or weakness that could be contributing to your pain. We recommend avoiding regular running if you are experiencing knee pain until you've had a comprehensive physical examination by one of our physiotherapists.
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