Athletic Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Innovation provides Sports Physiotherapy in Edmonton to help you recover from sports-related injuries.  Many people think that sports injury occurs only in professionals. That is not true. No matter what activity you do, you tend to get injured in one instant, or it occurs gradually over time.

The best way to treat sports injuries is to get assessed and treated by a physiotherapist as early as possible to facilitate faster recovery. Our Physiotherapists at Innovation Physical Therapy have fantastic knowledge and are good at assisting you in reaching your goals. After conducting a comprehensive assessment of your injury, they will prescribe an individualized treatment plan based on your needs to help you get back in the game as quickly as possible!

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Sports Physio Treatment Plans

Your recovery plan of treatment can include:

They will focus on missing components of the road to recovery and will facilitate your recovery to return to your sports or activity as early as possible. They will also help you avoid any injury re-occurrence.

In the Tokyo Olympics, athletes used blood flow restriction for their training. A few branches of Innovation Physical Therapy use this technique in training.

Our Physiotherapists understand the importance of the road to recovery, so they love seeing patients.

Love Getting Better!

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