Manual Therapy in Edmonton

Manual Therapy Treatment in Edmonton

Manual Therapy is a hands-on approach physical therapists use to treat neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions. It is integral to any treatment plan as it promotes optimal movement, function and pain relief. Therapists can perform Manual Therapy on various structures in the body, including joints, muscles, connective tissue and nerve tissue. It encompasses a variety of techniques, such as:

Physical Therapists receive post-graduate training in Manual Therapy in Canada through the Canadian Physiotherapy Orthopaedic Division. Our skilled Manual Therapists are available to treat all your mobility needs.

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Manual Therapy Process

When you come for an assessment, the Physical Therapist will ask questions about your condition and treatment goals. Then, they will perform an objective evaluation, which includes observation, active and passive movements and measurements, strength testing, palpation of tissue, joint mobility assessment, neural mobility assessment and various other special tests.

Following the initial evaluation, the therapist will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan geared toward your goals. In our clinics, Manual Therapy is combined with other parts of Physical Therapy (exercise, education, home programs, modalities and more) to ensure a quick and successful recovery. We will fully describe any proposed techniques and gain a patient’s consent before treatment. Your therapist will listen to your feedback during your session, ensuring you are comfortable. This communication between you and your Physical Therapist is vital for successful treatment.

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Manual Therapy Joint Manipulation

One form of Manual Therapy is joint manipulation. Manipulation involves a passive, high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust to a joint complex to help restore optimal movement, increase function, and reduce pain. Our team includes therapists with the special training and qualifications required for spinal manipulation.

Each Physical Therapy program is tailored specifically to the patient’s individualized needs. Your therapist will continuously monitor and reassess your progress, making appropriate adjustments to your treatment to reach your pre-determined goals. The care and safety of our patients are of utmost importance as they strive to achieve their Physical Therapy goals.