Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation in Edmonton

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive, objective evaluation to collect reliable information and determine a person’s overall physical capacity to function and their limitations. In addition, it helps extensively to identify the functional strengths of an individual and the underlying neuromusculoskeletal factors involved in the identified limitations.

An FCE can get ordered by various representatives such as employers, lawyers, unions etc. In case of an injury or illness, an FCE can help determine whether a person can return to regular duties or modify them. It evaluates if a person’s physical abilities match the job demands. In case of a job change, an FCE tests the person’s ability to participate and complete tasks in the required job. In case of disputes, an FCE provides impartial reports and recommendations.

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The Purpose Functional Capacity Evaluations

Undergoing a functional capacity evaluation can help make recommendations for the level of workday tolerance of a person or ability to carry out everyday activities safely with a low risk of harm. If physical limitations are identified by a professional, the FCE evaluator will suggest potential solutions to help the recovery of those physical limitations. When a clinical impairment with physical barriers or specific limitations gets identified, the FCE report makes recommendations for treatment or an action plan to improve physical capacity for employment and estimates the likelihood of future development. The FCE report also recommends modifications for the required job as necessary.

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The Functional Capacity Evaluation Process

At Innovation Physical Therapy, various FCEs, such as baseline FCE, Job-Specific FCE, and Medical-Legal FCE, are conducted by highly trained, certified and experienced physical therapists. The duration of the testing can vary from two to eight hours a day, or it can be extended to two days, depending on the ability of the person and the details of the information requested by the referral source.

At innovation, we provide a client-centred approach to bring out positive outcomes. The client is expected and encouraged to make a total effort throughout the tests on the testing day. The FCE starts with an interview period that includes the client filling out various questionnaires on the job descriptions, medical and social history, perceptions of their pain and abilities.

Then the Innovation-evaluator conducts various standardized tests where the client can continue or stop. They include:

Next Steps After Evaluation

Upon completing tests, the Innovation-evaluator analyzes and interprets the measured data and provides a comprehensive and reliable report answering the referral questions with independent opinions where required. The most common referral questions are:

1. What are the clients’ overall current physical abilities?

2. Is the client capable of safely participating in the required job capacity?

3. Does the client have the capacity to work full-time or part-time?

4. Are there any restrictions for the client to carry out the required job?

5. Are there any recommendations on the accommodations and future development of the restrictions?

6. Specific questions related to the job and condition.