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Massage therapy has been used for thousands of years to help with a wide range of medical conditions and is generally considered as a form of complementary treatment and alternative medicine. In addition to offering relief from injury, massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, as well as easing pain and muscle tension. Many find relief from the following ailments through consistent massage therapy sessions:

 Massage Therapy Available At Innovation Physical Therapy

There are numerous forms of therapeutic massage, so taking a moment to understand the different types of massage available is beneficial in helping determine which best fits your personal needs.

Two of our physiotherapy clinics offer exceptional massage options from professional massage therapists. Each massage therapist is trained in certain styles; therefore, it’s important to view our massage therapist bios to ensure your preferred technique is offered.

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Our Edmonton & Sherwood Park Massage Therapists:

Innovation Physical Therapy is proud to offer outstanding massage therapists with credentials that include:

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