Car Accident Physiotherapy

We Put You Back in Motion

It's really gratifying to see a patient's experience of life be transformed from pain and injury to one of loving life again. It all makes it worth it.
– Candace Emerson, Physiotherapist

Why Physiotherapy at Innovation Physical Therapy?

Our Approach with Car Accident Recovery

  • 1. We retrain your neck stabilizers
  • 2. We thoroughly evaluate your movement and functional limitations
  • 3. We maximize your healing recovery so you can return to pre-accident activities
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So, you've been in a car accident. Here's what to do next.

  • File an injury accident report with the police department
  • Complete a Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim form and send a copy to your insurance company.
  • Get assessed by a family doctor, physiotherapist, or chiropractor as soon as possible after your accident.
  • Your insurance company may get in touch with you regarding the details of your treatment and benefits.

Recommended Treatments at Innovation Physiotherapy

Personalized Exercise Program
Massage Therapy
Vestibular Rehab
Manual Therapy
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Do you have any questions ? We've got answers!

  • I've been injured in a motor vehicle accident. How should I proceed?
    If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, please ensure that the accident has been reported to your motor vehicle insurance provider. If there are any immediate medical concerns, please see your Physician to assess these concerns and ensure that there are no contraindications to beginning Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy coverage for MVA injuries may be accessed through the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols or Section B Protocols.
  • My physiotherapist indicated I have 21 sessions covered by my insurance company for my MVA. Why did that get used up in 14 sessions?
    The 21 treatments allocated within MVA treatment protocols can be used more quickly if the treatment of more than one body part is required. One treatment unit is designated per body site which may change the number of sessions covered.
  • Should I wear a collar after injuring my neck in a car accident?
    No, research shows that wearing a cervical collar after a neck injury or car accident can actually lead to worsening of symptoms. Schedule a physiotherapy assessment if you've been in a car accident, and we'll help you on your road to recovery!
We've treated over 400 people involved in car accidents last year. Find out why we're different

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