Blood Flow Restriction Training in Edmonton

Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is becoming popular in the rehabilitation community. It allows you to train at a lower intensity while receiving similar gains to a high-intensity workout. BFRT involves using tourniquets wrapped around your arms or legs to restrict your muscles' blood flow while controlling the amount of blood returning to your heart. This process helps to mimic a high-intensity workout environment. Typically, you would have to train at 65% or higher of your maximum weight to see any muscular changes. With the use of these cuffs, you can exercise at 30% of your maximum weight to experience similar muscular gains.

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What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?

Yoshiaki Sato developed BFRT in Japan during the 1960s. He experimented with various tubes and tourniquets around his casted leg after fracturing it during a skiing trip. He then developed a pneumatic tourniquet system, which later became KAATSU training. Professional sports organizations such as the NFL and athletes, bodybuilders and even celebrities have used BFRT for many years to supplement their workout routine. BFRT entered the rehabilitation world in 2011 when the US military started researching and developing BFRT protocols to help rehabilitate their soldiers injured in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What are the benefits?
There are over 820 research articles published on BFRT. Studies have shown BFR to increase strength, prevent muscle wasting, increase muscle size, improve cardiovascular function and support soft tissue repair by indirectly triggering Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1 release.

Who can benefit from BFRT?
BFRT is useful for almost anyone. Whether you are restricted to low-intensity exercise or looking to increase your gains at the end of a workout, BFRT can help you. Situations BFR is useful for can include several situations such as:

- Being in a cast due to a fracture
- Restricted to partial weight-bearing status
- Limitations due to pain
- Pre and post tendon or ligament repair
- Strains & sprains
- Muscle deconditioning
- Boosting natural anabolic hormones
- And much more!

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Why Choose Innovation Physical Therapy?

At Innovation Physical Therapy, we use FDA approved cuffs and have certified training to ensure your safety. To optimize the benefits of BFRT, we will calculate your personalized occlusion pressure for your arms, legs, or both. In the past, individuals have wrapped resistance bands around their arms and their legs. If you wrap the band too tight, then you risk damaging your vascular or nervous system. If you wrap the bands too loose, you are just completing a low-intensity workout with no actual BFRT benefits. There is no accuracy with this method. We will strive to elevate your BFRT experience and work personally with you to ensure that you are satisfied with your exercise plan.

What are the contraindications to BFRT?
In general, we cannot perform BFRT cannot on individuals with high blood pressure, blood clotting, bleeding or circulatory conditions, heart conditions, pregnancy or active cancer. If you are unsure about your ability to exercise at a high intensity, please contact your family physician.

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