• Join us February 12th& 13th for a Free Education Seminar on Keeping Your Low Back Healthy

    January 22, 2019 | By Innovation Physical Therapy

    We’re excited to announce that we’ll be holding a free education seminar led by our physiotherapists on ways to keep your low back healthy, strong and pain free.

    This one hour session will be informative and practical and will help you understand how to deal with a stiff and achey low back and strategies on how to get rid of low back pain that doesn’t involve drugs, injections or surgery.

    What Will I Learn?

    In this 1 hour session, you’ll learn:

    • The most common causes of low back pain and stiffness
    • The impact of posture on low back pain and what you can do about it
    • The tell-tale signs of hidden low back pain that may surprise you
    • Key self-tests that you can do to see how your back is really doing
    • Practical stretches and exercises that can help resolve your low back pain

    Plus, you’ll have an opportunity for a Q&A with our physiotherapists!

    Snacks and refreshments will be served.

    Where Will It Be?

    The seminar will be offered at 3 of our clinic locations on the evenings of February 13th:

    Wednesday, February 13th at 6pm:

    How to Register

    Space is limited so secure your spot now! Register for this session by calling (587) 456-8880 or you can complete the form below:

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