• A Great Morning Warm-up Routine

    July 01, 2017 | By Kendra Hatch

    We all know that getting ourselves moving in the morning can be a struggle at times. Not only is it tough to get out of our nice cozy beds, but it is also common for our bodies to feel stiff and sore from not moving much during the night. When we sleep, our muscles are relatively inactive and can temporarily shorten and feel tight as a result. This can be even more significant for those who don’t move around much in their sleep.By incorporating a warm-up program into your daily routine, you can effectively “wake up” your muscles to help get you moving faster and easier.

    A warm-up routine that consists of gentle exercises and stretches will help get your muscles and joints moving before you take on your day. In performing these exercises, you are increasing blood flow, increasing muscle length, and activating your postural muscles. In doing so, you can help decrease muscle and joint stiffness  as well as improve posture.

    This easy exercise program consists of stretches and movements that we have borrowed from our yoga friends to help get your body warmed up before taking on your day.  Keep in mind, it is important to listen to your body when performing these exercises. The idea is not to push yourself to the point of pain, but to slowly and gently perform the movements to feel a gentle, comfortable stretch. Performing these exercises may be easier on some days more than others, which emphasizes the importance of taking your time and listening to your body while working through this routine.

    3 Easy Exercises

    Each of the exercises are demonstrated in YouTube that will open in a new browser window when the link is clicked:

    1. Mountain Pose
    2. Pigeon Pose (Hip Opener Stretch)
    3. Spinal Twist

    If you are dealing with morning muscle or joint stiffness or struggling to get yourself moving first thing, give us a call one of our 4 physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton (Riverbend, NamaoBelvedere or Meadowlark) or our location in Sherwood Park to book an appointment with a physiotherapist today! We’d love to help!

    Rise and shine, and enjoy!