5 Great Curling Stretches to Help You Get Back in the Game.

Now that winter is here, we are already getting back into our favourite winter sports. For some of us, curling is our winter sport of choice. As with many seasonal sports, we need to stretch before getting back to curling this season. Stretching is crucial as we use muscle groups not typically used in everyday life unless deep lunges are part of your daily routine!

To make sure that you remain injury-free this curling season, we have highlighted three essential curling stretches and explanatory images to perform before and after curling:

woman doing lunge stretch for going flexilibility

Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Step one foot behind you in a stride stance
  • Put your hands on your hips
  • Push your hips forward
woman doing figure 4 stretch for her hips
woman doing yoga stretching her hips

Glute Stretch

Option 1:

  • Lie on your back with both knees bent
  • Bring one foot up and place the outside of the ankle on the thigh of the other leg
  • If you require a more intense stretch, push down on the top knee
  • If you need a more significant stretch, grab the bottom thigh and pull the leg toward the chest

Option 2:

  • Start on your hand and knees
  • Bring your knee forward and place the outside part of the leg on the floor
  • Extend your other leg directly behind you
  • If you need a more intense stretch, come down onto your elbows
athlete doing hid abductor stretch

Hip Adductor Stretch (Side lunge)

  • Step one foot directly out to the side
  • Lean towards one side
  • Make sure your supporting knee remains in line with your 2nd toe
  • Brace your upper body by placing your hand or elbow on the supporting leg
senior working on stretches for curling

Low Back Stretch

  • Lie on your back
  • Bring both knees to your chest
  • Wrap your arms around your shins and pull until you feel a gentle stretch in the low back
runner doing a quad stretch for injury prevention

Quad Stretch

  • Stand on one foot and grab your opposite ankle
  • Stand by a sturdy surface if you require extra support
  • Pull your ankle towards your buttocks, making sure your knees are touching
  • For a more intense stretch, push your hips forward

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Doing the stretches before a match and after as a part of your cool-down is best. Hold for about 15-20 seconds for each of these stretches, and repeat 2-3 times each.

If you have any questions or concerns about getting back into curling safe and injury-free this season, contact Innovation Physical Therapy today. We’re here to help you, “Love Getting Better!”

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