4 Strategies to Help Get Motivated During These Difficult Times

If the past 2+ years have shown us anything, we must be resilient and find ways to stay positive and motivated.  Whether at work or hanging out with friends or family, the current day-to-day grind can take a toll.

As physiotherapists, we work daily to help people make better choices with their bodies and overall health.  Together, we’ve created four easy-to-use principles and practical tips that we’ve found helpful in reaching your goals.

However busy your schedule is, taking care of yourself is essential.  Does your routine include eating healthy and regular heart rate-increasing exercise?  If not, we’re doing a series of articles over the next few months that will give you the tools and tips to help you become the best version of yourself.

Topics will range from helping you stay motivated to effective ways to manage pain, sleep education, and guidelines for getting the proper nutrition.

As physiotherapists, we work daily to help people make better choices with their bodies and overall health.  We have collectively gathered ideas and helpful information to help you become a better you.

Here are the 4 easy-to-use principles and practical tips we’ve found helpful in reaching your goals.

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  1. Lower Your Aspirations. Say What?

Wait a minute, why are we telling you to lower your aspirations when we are supposed to be telling you how to get healthier?  Because setting smaller goals yields significant results.  Even though it’s great to dream big and set your sights on an enormous transformation, research shows that raising the bar too high makes it difficult to get started and move forward with your goals.  Why is this?  Our brains are hard-wired to create resistance to change.  If the change seems too big, we’ll just put it off.  Sound familiar?

Practical tip: Start small.  Instead of exercising seven days a week, start with an easier-to-obtain goal, such as three days.

  1. Create Smaller Wins

Once you establish new behaviours, you must not fall into a rut and begin to get bored or easily discouraged.  How do we overcome this inevitable obstacle?  The key is to set yourself up to experience small and consistent wins within your routine.

Small wins mean different things to different people.  They can be as simple as a meal choice or going to bed early.  Focus on whether you made a healthy eating choice today or went for a walk at lunch instead of sitting at your desk.  By revelling in these tiny successes, you are setting yourself up for more success in the future.

Practical tip: Congratulate yourself whenever you get in some positive change behaviour.

  1. Stay Positive By Looking At The Big Picture

Now that you have learned to celebrate the small victories, it’s also essential to look at the big picture.  Don’t get discouraged if you are not making significant strides toward your goal despite putting in a consistent effort.  Instead, expanding your view of the benefits you are looking to achieve and perhaps are already achieving will help keep you on track.

You are on your way to: 

  • A life with significantly less stress.
  • Restful sleep
  • A healthier appetite
  • A strong and healthier heart.  (check out the infographic to the right for all the benefits of exercise!)

Practical tip: By writing down all the benefits of what you’ll achieve by getting back into a healthier routine, it will be easier to stay on track and stay positive. 

  1. Roll With Resistance

You will inevitably encounter setbacks and obstacles throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle.  Work will unexpectedly get in the way; you’ll get a cold, the kids will have school projects, and the list goes on and on.  Just accept that life is constantly in flux, and it will be easier to roll with the changes.  Put any obstacles you encounter behind you, move forward, and find a way to get back on track.  No obstacle is big enough to be the final obstacle that gets in the way of a healthier you.

Practical tip: Start fresh every day with a positive attitude.  Identify one specific action you can take today to get back on track, even if it’s small.

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