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Professional Physiotherapists in Edmonton

Innovation Physical Therapy began serving the Edmonton and Area communities in 2004. We currently have five offices. Two of our offices have provided physical therapy services in Edmonton since 1987. Our primary goal at Innovation Physical Therapy is to provide patients with the best care and support they can receive while navigating rehab. Our teams are committed to working with our patients to get them back to pre-accident levels and back to enjoying life. What is critical in this process is establishing goals and identifiable outcomes and providing patients with the tools to be independent and confident in their return to activity rather than becoming dependent on our clinical teams.

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Placing YOU at the Heart of the Recovery Process.

Innovation Physical Therapy is committed to placing you at the heart of recovery and helping you love getting better. With Innovation Physical Therapy, you can expect the following:

spine and back therapy

Patient-Centered Care.

With the commitment to place patients at the center of our care approach, patients can expect to access any Innovation Physical Therapy clinic and have the same excellence in experience and treatment within all areas of our organization. Our team greets all patients and brings them in for their session within five minutes of their scheduled appointment. Our teams provide immediate care in a non-hurried environment from someone who truly cares for them while fully listening to and addressing the patient’s concerns. Innovation Physical Therapy clinics offer warm and welcoming environments like entering a friend’s home.

The clinic’s hours of operation provide convenient hours to allow patients from all community areas to access our facilities. Patients feel comfortable openly interacting with any organization member as if conversing with friends.

Innovation Physical Therapy is patient-centred, where integrity is at the heart of everything. Patients play a crucial role in facilitating the positive impact of physical therapy services and raising awareness about the importance of improving patient outcomes. Our services are open to all of the community with orthopedic conditions. Although we provide services for patients from 3 months to 90+ years old, our primary demographic is motivated and active patients who will carry the message of what physical therapy can do for others in the community.

Our administrators and physical therapists are proud to be part of the Innovation Physical Therapy Team. They are part of a dynamic network of individuals who work cooperatively to ensure the success of all within their teams and for our patients. As part of the Innovation Physical Therapy Team, they know that they get recognized within the Physical Therapy industry as leaders and innovators in providing rehabilitative care to the community.